WATCH: Dave Grohl brings KISS fan on stage for 'Monkey Wrench'

We Salute You, 'KISS Guy'

Foo Fighters began their latest US tour last night with a surprise audience performance from a fan who seemingly thought he was going to a KISS concert.

Dave Grohl, ever the entertainer, brought a fan up on stage for a performance of the Foo Fighters' classic, 'Monkey Wrench'. Covered entirely in KISS facepaint, the adoring fan quickly stole the limelight away from the band, and absolutely nailed Grohl's parts of the track - even throwing in a handful of spicy guitar solos to boot. Check out the video below for the incredible performance in its glorious entirety.



"What's your name? F**k it, I don't even wanna know, your name is 'KISS Guy' right now".


And that's how legends are born.


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