ZVEX unveil the Fuzz Factory 7 Raw

No Paint, All Fuzz

Kings of crunch ZVEX Effects have debuted a raw new take on the Fuzz Factory 7 to keep their buyers happy while under lock and key.

The limited-run handwired pedal features a raw aluminium enclosure, while the guts of the Fuzz Factory 7 will contain two coveted NOS 1960s 2N404 germanium transistors to create a myriad of filthy velcro fuzz tones. Interestingly enough, these new ZVEX FF7 Raw pedals are being built by the team from home, which makes me feel a lot better about wearing socks and slides while working from the couch as of late. 



ZVEX are also offering the FF7 Raw at a special price for buyers, with an additional 20% being discounted upon checkout. Sounds like a steal to me...


Get your order in via the ZVEX Effects website today.