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There are plenty of headphones and earbuds out there made for regular listening with your portable music device, and these are mostly designed with a fashion angle in mind rather than audio quality as the driving force of the design process. So when I received the Yamaha HPH-MT7 studio monitor headphones I knew I was not in for more of the same old rubbish and I was going to hear high quality audio reproduction.


The HPH-MT7 headphones are designed for recording and mixing applications, so they are ideal for use in the home studio. Whether you intend to use them for playback during overdubbing and recording, or as a reference point in the mixing process, they are going to let you know just what you want from the mix. For those home studios where space or noise restrictions are an issue, these headphone will also work as a viable option when trying to find a consistent mixing monitor without using speakers in the room. The HPH-MT7s offer not only a closed environment from the rest of the room, but also the ability to deliver plenty of volume if needed. That said, they sound best at moderate levels, where a level frequency response lets you hear all that is going on in the recording. Plus, they don’t strain your ears during long listening period if run at lower volumes. However they certainly have enough grunt in them to cause issues if you run for too long without a break.



The fully enclosed design is very comfortable, not over-heating the ears after extended periods of use and very comfortable across the head. With an extra-long cable, it is easy to position yourself when recording around instruments and microphones. Without the need for a headphone amp or extension, I was able to get about in my compact recording space and still monitor through the HPH-MT7s with ease. On top of this, they are not a very heavy set of cans, but they are quite sturdy. The overhead band adjusts easily, but holds its play firmly and the drivers are well protected in a solid case with soft leather-like pads around the ears.



Yamaha may not be the first name you might think of when you are looking for a set of studio cans, but headphones were a bit of a surprise. I’m glad I got a chance to really give these a good workout and having listened to them now, I would urge you all to get down to your local dealer and have a go yourselves.

Hits and Misses


Lightweight, comfortable design

Plenty of headroom

Very natural low frequency response


The cable might be too long for some people's needs