Watch Tool guitarist Adam Jones demo the riff for 'Pneuma'

Lessons Straight From The Master Himself

Ever felt a little bamboozled trying to learn the lick for 'Pneuma' on Tool's recent album Fear Inoculum? Never fear - Adam's here.

In a post to his Instagram, Adam Jones has rewarded punters with close up of him shredding out the final verse riff of the song, a standout track from Fear Inoculum. 


Jones had originally filmed the video in his dressing room on Tool's last tour, but decided to share it to appease the millions of fans out there ravenously consuming content on the web. Thanks Jonesy!


Check out the video below.




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Recently, Tool drummer Danny Carey announced that he's keen to regroup with Adam Jones and bassist Justin Chancellor to record some ideas for a new Tool project while in isolation.


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