Watch: Tony Iommi talks us through his new Gibson 1964 Monkey replica

A History Lesson From The Iron Man

If you're in need of some good old guitar geezer ASMR courtesy of Tony Iommi, look no further: Gibson have just uploaded a new video of the Iron Man dishing out some stories about his beloved 1964 Gibson SG Special.

The video, posted to Gibson's YouTube channel to officially launch their Custom Shop replica of Iommi's own model, sees the Iron Man reminisce on the famous guitar, which he used extensively while recording and touring with Black Sabbath in the '70s. Throughout the visual, Iommi goes into detail on how he modified the guitar to suit his unique playing style, adding in a zero fret and playing with the pickups to forge one of the most legendary tones ever heard. 


Check it out below, and if you can afford it, suss out the Gibson Custom Shop's replica here



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