Watch Thundercat play Jaco, discuss favourite basslines in new video

Listen To His New Album It Is What It Is Now

Modern fusion don and living bass extraordinaire Thundercat has offered an insight into the tracks that inspired his unique approach to bass guitar in a new episode of Under The Influence with Pitchfork.

As you'd expect, Thundercat lists off a whole stack of slick grooves from the likes of Marcus Miller, Larry Graham, Louis Johnson and Herbie Hancock, as well as the unexpected (but not unwelcome) addition of Jack Bruce's bassline on 'Sunshine Of Your Love'. Towards the end of the video when chatting about Jaco Pastorius, he even pulls out a Precision Bass and demonstrates how to perform all those killer artificial harmonics on 'Portrait Of Tracy'. Watch it below. 



In case you forgot, Thundercat's new record It Is What It Is is out today, featuring the previously released singles 'Black Qualls', 'Fair Chance' and the bizarrely infectious 'Dragonball Durag'. Believe me, if you're a bassist and you're not listening to this record, you're missing out - there's more than a few nuggets of wisdom to be found in Cat's style, and Flying Lotus's production across the album is killer. Go on - treat yourself.


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