Watch Powderfinger's first show together in ten years

Seminal Stuff

Powderfinger's one-off reunion show 'One Night Lonely' is now available to watch in its entirety after streaming live over the weekend.

As far as live-streamed gigs go, One Night Lonely was a masterstroke in doing it the right way. Each member of Powderfinger was filmed performing from their own home studios, with bass player John Collins taking things to the next level by rocking out in an empty Fortitude Music Hall. What made this set truly great, however, was that it was all pre-recorded - no glitches, no lag, no latency, just bare bangers. 


The performance also saw the band raise funds for Beyond Blue and Support Act, and attracted almost 100,000 punters at one stage. Suss out One Night Lonely in full below. 



You can donate to Support Act here.