WATCH: Myles Kennedy plays 'Hallelujah' with Jeff Buckley's Telecaster onstage in Paris

Spine-Tingling Stuff

Released after his passing in 1997, Jeff Buckley's performance of 'Hallelujah' at L'Olympia is regarded by many to be one of the most iconic renditions of the song ever.

In what might just be the ultimate tribute, Alter Bridge frontman and live singer for Slash's band, Myles Kennedy, has performed a rendition of the track at the same venue with Buckley's own Fender Telecaster, which is now owned by Matt's Guitar Shop in Paris.


It's no secret that Kennedy is a huge fan of Buckley, so the cover doesn't come as any surprise - however, the performance actually marks the first time that the Telecaster has been performed in public since Buckley's final set, making for what can only be described as a truly special moment in music. Watch it below. 



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