Watch Iggy Pop's surreal Mac DeMarco-directed 'Sonali' video now

Confirmed: Iggy Pop Really Is A Lizard Person

Off his Free album (which costs $26 AUD), which featured a lineup of songs written by other artists for him, 'Sonali' focuses on the troubles of traversing heavy laden traffic conditions and the affect this has on the fragile human psyche. In the music video however, Ruby Sylvain and Leron Thomas lend their words to a saxophone playing, fur-car driving, lovelorn Lizard person, who's rough-skinned exterior is perhaps better suited to the long days under the sun rays while driving in the San-Fernando desert.

 Check out the maddening images made by Mac DeMarco, who has also recently featured a lizard person in his 'Nobody' video clip, below:



Perhaps the stand in lizard person is a perfect resemblance of Iggy himself, with his leathery skin metaphoricaly transposed onto the bipedal reptilian as a way to express how days of driving under the harsh californian sun can turn any American into a tongue-twisting reptile. Or perhaps the lizard-mask is no mask at all, and the face we've all come to know Iggy by was the facade all along. After all, no human has so well resembled an animal before. But, I digress. 


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