WATCH: Fender release In Conversation interview with Thurston Moore

A Deep Dive With The Sonic Youth Legend

Fender have released an immersive hour long interview with Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore, with the guitarist diving into his influences, legacy and his longstanding relationship with the Fender Jazzmaster.

Filmed at The Great Escape Festival in Britain and hosted by the BBC Music Radio 6's Steve Lamacq, the In Conversation interview offers a comprehensive history of Moore's influences and tenure in Sonic Youth, with the guitarist offering various nuggets of wisdom about his formative years and his approach to playing guitar. 


The interview heavily focuses on Moore's relationship with the Fender Jazzmaster - a guitar which he arguably championed within the fields of new wave and alternative music - and how the quirks and flaws of the instrument helped him pioneer his own unique playing style. If you've got a free hour, tune in below: it's an absolute gold mine for any self-respecting guitar 'anti hero.'




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