WATCH: Ed O'Brien talks pedals, Radiohead, solo album in new episode of That Pedal Show

Time To Geek Out!

Ed O'Brien, guitarist and criminally underrated member of Radiohead, has recently appeared on That Pedal Show to talk all things effects pedals, guitars, Radiohead and writing his own songs with the hosts of the popular YouTube series.

The fascinating video, which spans a tantalising hour and twenty minutes, is an absolute goldmine for Radiohead fans, with O'Brien delving deep into the formative years and creative process of the seminal British alternative group.


Throughout the video, O'Brien also discusses the way he approaches the guitar as an instrument in Radiohead, his intuitive use of effects pedals and how his Fender EOB Sustainer Stratocaster came to exist. The Radiohead guitarist also shares details of his forthcoming debut solo album, which is yet to be officially announced, claiming the album will hit stores later this year in September and will feature influences from Brazillian music, psychedelia, funk and jazz. 


Needless to say, we can't wait to hear more about O'Brien's solo efforts. Watch the video in full below, and make sure to suscribe to That Pedal Show here - these guys make incredible pedal-related content, and we can't thank them enough for it.




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