WATCH: DuoSkin Allows Tattoos To Become MIDI Controllers

Make Music On Your Own Body

MIT and Microsoft Research’s DuoSkin technology - a project that uses gold leaf temporary tattoos and electronics to create wearable devices - can be used to play MIDI sounds, according to a new video from the 2017 ARS Electronica show.

Designed to have a wearable artistic or decorative aesthetic (like jewellery or tattoos), there are currently three types of on-skin interface: sensing touch input, displaying output, and wireless communication.  The touch input capabilities of DuoSkin has the potential for interesting interaction and MIDI control, turning parts of your body like arms, fingers and hands into keyboards or drum pads.


In the video, Paul from Microsoft Research demonstrates a small keyboard interface and then another for changing parameters. Though the technology is still early in its development, the technological potential is huge, especially in the field of music and artistic experimentation. The possibilities are limited only to your imagination – you could design whatever you like and have yourself entirely ‘mapped out’ in gold leaf for full-body control, if you so chose.


Check out the video below:



For more information on DuSkin's applications and possibilities, head to their website.