Want to listen to the new Pearl Jam single? Just point your phone at the moon...

The Song Is Aptly Called 'Superblood Wolfmoon'

If you're feeling like having a bit of an adventure - or at least copping a cheeky teaser of the new Pearl Jam single - boy do we have something in store for you.

The Seattle alt-rockers are promoting the impending release of their new single 'Superblood Wolfmoon' with an odd campaign that lets users listen to a snippet of the track by pointing their mobile phone towards the moon. No, really. 


In a press statement detailing the campaign, Pearl Jam claim that they've partnered with a company called Powster in order to develop the augmented reality web app, and that pointing your phone's camera at La Lune is supposed to “trigger on-screen animations around and over the moon, timed with a preview of ‘Superblood Wolfmoon’ and an in-app option to pre-order the song.” How dense can you get?!?


If you're like us here in Australia without access to any type of lunar sphere until the PM, you're probably out of luck - unless you want to hold your phone up to a lamp or something dumb like that. Anyway, the single hits streaming services in full next Wednesday, so it's really not too long of a wait. In the meantime, catch up on the band's Talking Heads-inspired previous single 'Dance Of The Clairvoyants' below. 



Gigaton, the new record from Pearl Jam, arrives on Friday March 27 via Universal Music.