Waldorf celebrate their 30th birthday with the limited-edition Quantum Shadow

Limited To 30 Models Worldwide

German synthesiser wizards Waldorf have just entered their dirty 30s, and what better way to celebrate than giving their immersive Quantum synthesiser a fully blacked-out makeover?

Limited to a mere 30 models, the Quantum Shadow looks more akin to a certain Sith lord than it does a synthesiser, but we're definitely not complaining. It's a pretty unique way of celebrating such a milestone anniversary, and really puts the candles on the Waldorf's cake. 



Given the scarce number of synthesisers being produced - and the fact that it's a European exclusive - there's almost zero chance you'll get to see one of these behemoths in a studio or onstage in Australia. The Waldorf Quantum Shadow is also priced considerably higher than its regular counterpart, but it's certainly special enough to justify... isn't it? 


Expensive synths aside, Waldorf have also published a video exploring their rich history over the past 30 years, which you can view (for free) below.



Waldorf is distributed in Australia via Link Audio. We recently reviewed their new Kyra synthesiser - read all about that here.