Announces Two Signings

Collaborating with UNIFIED Music Group, Violent Soho guitarist James Tidswell has announced the launch of his new label, Domestic La La Records.

The label – named after Violent Soho track ‘Domestic La La’ – aims to connect with the artists themselves, a feat made possible by Tidswell’s more than 14 years of music industry experience. Tidswell believes his career has provided him with “a complete and total understanding of everything a band can go through” and the ability to “always see from their perspective.”


“In the beginning I actually just wanted to manage Violent Soho or put out their record, but they ended up needing a guitarist so I went with that instead,” said Tidswell. “...I was lucky enough that Soho ended up getting a big record deal back in the day through Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth/Ecstatic Peace), and that was where I stopped pursuing that side and started enjoying just playing in the band. In that time, I learnt a lot about how it is to be a band, and it allowed me to have the confidence going in to do Domestic La La the right way.”


Domestic La La Records has already signed local acts West Thebarton and Dear Seattle with a plan to release ten double A-side seven-inch records featuring emerging, established, and entry-level artists. The first release has been confirmed as West Thebarton ‘Ivan’ / STORK ‘Dark Shadows’.


For more information on Domestic La La Records, visit the website