The RK50

Victory Amplifiers have revealed a new 50-watt combo and compact head dedicated to the American guitarist Richie Kotzen.


The combo amp is based on the Marshall Super Lead power stage and designed to work with the Tech 21 signature RK5 Fly Rig pedal in order to accurately replicate Kotzen’s sound. Consequently it has minimal tone control options and a simple valve gain stage.


Both units come with built in reverb, with the head having digital reverb and the combo coming with a spring, as well as tremolo. The combo and the 112 cabinet are based upon a 12-inch Celestion G12H-65 Creamback speaker


“The initial discussions were for a unique approach to a 1x12 combo of around 40-50 watts,” said Martin Kidd, Chief Designer at Victory. “Richie is a big fan of the low-end response and feel you get from the power stage of a Marshall Super Lead-style circuit. For the front end, he wanted to rival his Cornford RK100 in terms of gain, yet have enough range to roll back to pushed clean and crunchy rhythm sounds. He likes to control things directly from his guitar, and also using his signature Tech 21 RK5 Fly Rig, so his only requirement in terms of gain or channel switching was a simple preamp boost that we achieved with valve gain staging. He didn’t want or need extensive EQ shaping so there’s just a single ‘tone’ knob that works on the treble frequencies only. Brighter or less bright – it couldn’t be more simple.”


Victory Amplifers are available at Gladesville Guitar Factory (NSW), Deluxe Guitars (VIC), & The Rock Inn.