Universal Audio has just launched its own DAW

Luna Is Available To Download Now

Pro-audio pioneers Universal Audio have finally released their long-awaited Luna DAW, providing UA users with a zero-latency workstation experience for absolutely no spend.

By utilising the world-class processors inside of Universal Audio's audio interfaces, Luna allows for near-zero latency throughout the entire recording process, and shouldn't strain your computer in the same way other mixing and mastering suites do. It also utilises integrated multitrack tape emulation and Neve-powered summing for a classic, warm sound, and even includes a suite of Universal Audio's own virtual instruments and software synths.


Luna even features a Minimoog soft synth made in partnership with Moog themselves, as well as a Ravel Grand Piano based on a Steinway, with the company promising many more collaborations to follow. There's also a whole bunch of classic outboard gear emulations, with Universal Audio sourcing help from SSL, Neve, Manley and Pultec to ensure the the plugins included in Luna remain as faithful as possible to their original units. 



It looks like an incredibly promising tool, and if it works like it did when the world caught a glimpse of it in action at NAMM in January, there's every chance Luna could become a new go-to. Of course, Luna is only available if you're running one of Universal Audio's Apollo or Arrow interfaces, but thankfully it is available for both new and existing users to download for free.


Find out more about Universal Audio's Luna via their website.