Tycoon 29 Series Master Fantasy Boa Cajon

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Far from just a select percussion instrument the Cajon these days finds itself in everything from relaxed acoustic arvo sessions to school class rooms, jazz gigs, percussion groups and big latin ensembles. It’s straight ahead design and nature make it an instant draw card and the fact that it can be simple through to seriously involved also covers a lot of bases. Rattling on from some Tycoon gear we saw earlier in the year is a cool take on your standard Cajon. This case in the form of a slinky little number called the 29 Series Master ‘Fantasy Boa’ Cajon. Sounds interesting? Well read on….

Snake Eyes

You can’t say Tycoon have a limited range when it comes to Cajons. Sizes, colours, specs, woods, sounds – they’ve got a heap going on. Coming under the ‘Master’ Series is the Fantasy Boa Cajon coming in a super funky Boa print. Possibly a cross between the wild Amazon and some 80s guitar shred it certainly is a head turner. Tone wise Tycoon have gone for a Siam Oak body with an Asian hardwood front panel.  At 29” it’s a manageable size that offers plenty of tonal variety for deep low end notes or higher end slap. The snare wires are Allen key adjustable too so you can really tweak to suit the gig. Bass drum like notes can be coaxed out of the middle of the body with an open palm whilst fingers and more a slap technique get some great snare tones towards the edge of the instrument. There really is a wide palette of tones available and it’s that response and range that fulfil the sound criteria rather than it being just a hip looking cajon.



Great as an all-round percussion item the Cajon doesn’t discriminate and can be played by all ages and abilities making it easy enough for the beginner to get some simple 2 and 4 happening through to super intricate tones and patterns by more advanced players. The Boa finish is definitely a little out there so you’ll have no problems standing out at the gig but if you’re truly concerned Tycoon have a seriously huge range of other Cajons that will surely fit the bill. Bright and punchy with a usable range of tones the Fantasy Boa is one for the players wanting that little something different. Hiss….

Hits and Misses


Good range of sounds

Funky finish


Snake print may not suit everyone