With Second Album 'Fuzz II'

Californian garage rockers Fuzz will soon be unleashing to the world their second studio album Fuzz ‘II’, due for release on October 23.

The new release comes of the back of the band's 2013 self titled debut LP Fuzz, released through independent Californian record label In The Red Records. Very little has been said by the band about this latest release. The band seems to be content with letting the music do the talking. 


Drummer Ty Segall formed the new outfit back in 2013, recruiting Charlie Moothart from Moonhearts (Guitar) and Chad Ubovich from Meat Bodies (bass) to form a powerful trio. 


Fuzz’s heavy & psychedelic sound has been linked to artists such as Blue Cheer, High Tide, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. The 14 track album is sure to be an exciting addition to the band and Ty Segall’s extensive repertoire. 




For more information head to www.intheredrecords.com.