A Compact Loadbox & Amp DI

The Torpedo Captor is a 100W reactive loadbox and amp DI and comes in four, eight, or 16 ohm impedance versions to match the output of any standard amp.

The Captor was created for direct recording or miking both bass and guitar amps in a live or studio situation and is ideal for situations when you need to work at a reduced volume level. Its analogue speaker simulator allows for a detailed sound for front of house and your monitors, while keeping a low volume on stage. It is conveniently sized and can fit onto a pedal board or on top of your amp.


It features both balanced line and unbalanced speaker outputs, a polarity switch and active speaker simulation switch, and can be powered through either 48V phantom power or a 9 – 24V DC power adaptor. The Torpedo Captor also comes with 16 virtual cabinets which are usable with all Torpedo hard wares (C.A.B., Live Studio, VB-101), which are available for an additional cost.


Two Notes Engineering are distributed in Australia through Innovative Music Australia.