Turn your guitar into a banjo with Guitar-Jo

The New Tool Was Just Launched on Kickstarter

If you've ever wanted to learn the banjo but couldn't get your head around the weird string layout, Guitar-Jo is the device for you.

First conceived back in 2015 by creator Jon Langberg, the Guitar-Jo attaches itself to the surface beneath the strings of electric guitars, with six seperate damping pads lightly touching your strings to create a twangy, banjo-like attack. 

If you've got a Les Paul, sadly, you're out of luck - the Guitar-Jo only works on guitars with flat surfaces between the strings and body. However if you are playing a Les Paul, there's probably no chance you want your guitar to sound like a banjo anyway, but for Fender players, the Guitar-Jo opens up a whole new world of sonic possibilities. Have a listen below. 



Either way, the Guitar-Jo is a convincing tool that could be super effective in the hands of finger-picking Southern Rock enthusiasts. 


Check out the Guitar-Jo on Kickstarter for more information and availability.