‘Don’t Risk Your Guitar Getting Smashed’

For many the dream is to travel the world with a guitar on their back. To write whimsical lullabies to the sound of birds chirping and rivers flowing. There’s always a risk, however, of the guitar not making it from A to B in one piece. The answer? The Klos Carbon Fibre Adventure Travel Guitar.

With a carbon fibre body the potential for scratches, dents and cracks experienced while out on the road, loading onto a plane, or nailing Knocking On Heaven’s Door around a campfire is quashed. Yet this isn’t the only selling point. Size and sound have also been taken into consideration when designing and manufacturing this compact and durable instrument.


A mahogany and rosewood neck is coupled with a sturdy, resonating sound board to ensure a responsive and versatile feel, with strong acoustics. The body size, at 15” by 11.5”, ensures the guitar can fit in a backpack, can easily be carried on someone’s shoulder, and slots comfortably onto your knee when played.


It’s a quality guitar, presented in a hardened, no fuss package, and is available at an affordable price. Check out how it plays below, and maybe when you plan your next trip, this instrument may just be the first thing on your itinerary.





For more information visit the Klos Guitars Kickstarter page.