Tool have finally uploaded their music videos to YouTube

No More 240p Rips!

Spring may have sprung, but September is obviously Tool's month. To coincide with the release of their hotly anticipated fifth record Fear Inoculum, the band have uploaded a select cut of music videos to their official YouTube channel.

Similar to that of Tool's other projects, finding a high quality version of the band's music videos online was considered to be the bane of many fans existence - until recently, the band have remained staunchly anti-digital, with their discography only arriving on streaming platforms just last month.


If you're feeling like a bit of a visual trip into the polyrhythmic universe of Tool, you can now check out videos for "Sober," "Ænema," "Stinkfist, "Schism," "Vicarious" and even "Prison Sex" without having to endure a low res 240p MP3 rip from someone's 2006 hard drive. Finally! Perhaps this means we can expect some music videos to back up the release of Fear Inoculum?



While they're certainly late to the party with this one, I'm sure many avid Tool fans will be very keen to spend the evening getting toasted and blissing out to some of Adam Jones' visual masterworks. 


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