The Thermion Zero is the perfect pedal amp for the modern guitarist

Everything you'd ever need

It looks like there's a new heavyweight contender in the arms race to be known as the best pedal-sized amplifier: meet the Thermion Zero.

Presented in a tidy little chassis to easily squeeze into your gig-bag or pedalboard, the Zero uses Class D hybrid power to push two genuine 40 watt outputs, replicating the typical behaviour of a tube amp's transformer and harmonics.


The unit features a pure analogue preamp with a stereo effects loop, stereo reverb and even a preamp loop to let you flick between the inbuilt preamp or your own. The emulated outputs utilise Thermion's own Analogue Speaker Modelling technology to emulate the behaviour of a real speaker cabinet, with its analogue components ensuring your tone doesn't lose any juice. Other features include an XLR out, a three-band EQ, a bright tone switch and multiple reverb modes.


Whether you're seeking an amplifier that'll provide a consistent tone onstage, in rehearsals or via headphones, or even an authentic valve sounding amp with reverb that you can easily fit in a bag for simple gigging, the Thermion Zero looks like it'll do the job perfectly. Give it a listen below.



Head to Thermion's website for more details.