Technics announce limited edition SL-1210GAe turntable

Celebrating 55 years in style

Technics are releasing a new limited edition version of the classic SL-1210 turntable to celebrate its 55th anniversary next month.

The legendary company will produce 1000 Technics SL-1210GAe turntables to commemorate their rich legacy as a manufacturer, with each record player featuring an all-black chassis and inscribed serial badge.


The unit will also boast an exclusive JT-1210 cartridge, which the company say was "specifically tuned by a joint team of engineers from Technics and Nagaoka” for enhanced "focus and detail". The SL-1210GAe also features upgraded insulation to make sure external vibrations don't mess with your playback.


Given the scant number of these sleek units being produced, we daresay that it'll be a bit difficult to get your hands on one anytime too soon down under. If you're interested, we recommend hitting up Technics' Australian distributors for more information - the rest of us will just drool with envy. 



Head to the Australian Technics homepage for more.