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Everyone seems to be going looper mad at the moment. There is a huge range of pedals available to get your guitar and bass loops going on the fly in order to bring some added creativity to your gigs, but what about the singer? Why is it that guitarists seem to get all the cool toys to play with? That is exactly what the team at TC-Helicon were asking a while back, and now they have responded with the very slick and very cool Ditto Mic Looper. Now your vocals can become more than just the one.


Following the success of the different versions of the Ditto Looper for guitar, it was really only a matter of time before TC-Helicon came out with Ditto Mic Looper. With so many of the TC multi-fx pedals focusing on both guitar and vocal combinations, it made sense to give vocalists their own dedicated pedal to make the most of the looping capabilities. The best thing about this is the simplicity of the design. This is a no frills concept that gets the job done and doesn’t try to offer anything fancy when it’s not needed.   



It couldn’t be simpler to integrate the Ditto Mic Looper into your live setup. It only requires an extra microphone lead, and the pedal is inserted into the audio chain after the microphone. You don’t need to worry about running a separate microphone for it, or splitting off to another channel on the desk as you might with some guitar loopers that offer a microphone input. No, this just gets inserted into your vocal signal path and does it’s thing there. The only adjustment is setting the level that the loops play back at and you’re good to go. Your regular vocals pass straight through the Ditto without any loss of tone and the loops are simply stacked up on top off them.  The two button operation couldn’t be simpler, with the button on the right side acting as record, playback and overdubbing and the left hand button working to stop and clear   loops. Undo and redo functions can also be obtained by holding the right button down. That’s it. There isn’t anything else going on, so you needn’t worry about trying to drive the pedal, you can just get on with your performance. Built in a tough case with a wide rubber footing so it doesn’t slip about, this is a great idea as it may not often by used on a pedal board and will more likely be used by itself on a stage floor. The silent switches engage easily and feel like they will take about as many repetitions as you can muster. All in all, this is a pretty neat little pedal and something that I am sure many singers will be keen to get their feet on.

Hits and Misses


Solid, sturdy case

Simple operation

Clean sound - what goes in is what comes out

Balanced XLR connections


It took too long for this pedal to hit the market

This could lead to the singer taking over even more of the spotlight


• 24-bit uncompressed audio
• 5 minutes of looping
• Unlimited overdubs
• Undo / Redo function
• Automatic Gain Adjustment
• Instant one-tap Stop feature
• Selectable overdub modes