TC Electronic launch new Flashback Mini 2 and Hall of Fame Mini 2 stompboxes

Classic Sounds In A Smaller Chassis

TC Electronic have subjected two of their most popular effects pedals to the shrink ray treatment, launching new Flashback Mini 2 and Hall of Fame Mini 2 pedals overnight.

Both pedals feature all the dynamic tones and algorithms of their larger brethren, as well as TC Electronic's acclaimed pressure-sensitive MASH footswitches for hands-free effect modification. 


The Flashback 2 Mini Delay offers an internal tap tempo, as well as tape, analogue, digital and crystal delay modes, with the latter utilising the polyphonic octave engine from TC's Sub 'n' Up pedal. TC Electronic also claim that the Flashback 2 Mini can function as a modulation pedal when using TonePrint, letting you get even more bang for your buck if you're using your brain well.  



For reverb enthusiasts, the Hall Of Fame 2 Mini provides a selection of room, cathedral and shimmer reverb, with algorithms derived from TC Electronic's System 6000 Processor for ultimate quality.


Head to Amber Technology for details on getting your hands on TC Electronic gear in Australia.