Taurus Amplification White Lines Zebu Reverb-Delay Pedal

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I will admit, until this week I had not come across any pedals from Taurus Amplification, let alone the White Lines series of very cool effects. So, it was a treat to be able to have a look into the Zebu MK2 Reverb-Delay pedal that promised a range of clever features and a tone that was a worthy addition to any guitar rig. After all, it is hard to nd a good reverb pedal these days, and one that comes with a delay included is a real find. So, it looks like this could be a gem of a pedal when used in appropriate levels and not over saturated as can often end up happening.



It took me a little while to get my head around the controls on this pedal, but a little labelling confusion aside, it all makes sense and offers a great deal of control over the effects. The reverb and delay controls adjust the time or length of each of the effects. A separate effects control sets the overall volume for the effects and a balance control lets you blend between the two. Starting with the reverb, on a short decay setting, you can get the volume up a fair way and still have a very natural feel that really doesn’t get noticed at all, until you turn it off. Then you realise what you are missing. It thickened the signal up very nicely in this manner, and can really wash it out when you extend the length to a greater time.


Moving over to the delay section, there is a lot of fun to be had. An extra control allows you to adjust the repeat amount, with the delay control taking care of the delay time. You can get a fairly snappy delay that almost gets into the slap back realm to start with and take it right up to a very long, swelling effect that mimics a second guitarist. If you feel like getting into a bit of reggae, the two effects combined create a great guitar effect and surf rock or rockabilly guys will love the short delay with thick reverb added. It is not just a blues tool; this will work well in a range of styles and genres. 



Beyond the sound, there are a number of nifty inclusions in this pedal like a DC power requirement that works from either 9 or 12 volts and isn’t fussy about polarity on the power cable. It auto-adjusts so you can use just about any DC power adaptor on these pedals. A clever bypass engagement comes into play when power drops below 6 volts and being a true bypass design, you don’t lose any signal in this event, and the effect simply closes off. All around, this is a great pedal that is going to get a lot of guitarists excited about their sound again. 


For more info on Taurus Amplification products, visit www.maniacmusicfactory.com.

Hits and Misses


Big range of sounds in just two effects

Multiple power supply options

True bypass with power dropout protection


Slightly askew control design