Steve Vai launches comprehensive online library for his guitar collection

Meticulous Would Be An Understatement

Steve Vai has announced the creation of an online library cataloging every single guitar the shred lord has ever played, taking his possibly unhealthy obsession with guitars to insane new heights.

With the website already featuring over 400 guitars, Vai has thoughtfully categorized every instrument into a range of different types, including 'Fan Built,' 'Multi-Necks,' 'Strats,' 'SGs,' 'Pre JEM' and many, many more. Each guitar features its own entry with accompanying photographs, as well as background information on its specifications and quirky little trivia notes on notable models. 


In a Twitter post announcing the launch of the library, Vai also mentioned he'll be periodically replying to fan comments on the site, adding more of an insight into the background stories of the instruments used by the famous shredder. Vai also encouraged his fans to use the website to help locate random instruments lost or stolen from the guitarist over the years - now that's what I call people power. 


Check out his post below, and visit the Vai guitar library here.



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