SoundCloud update to allow users to distribute tracks to Spotify and Apple Music

A New Distribution Tool For The Streaming Platform

Soundcloud have announced a new set of tools in their SoundCloud Premier program to allow users to distribute tracks uploaded to the platform to other streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, YouTube Music and more.

While only in its Beta stage at the moment, the feature will allow SoundCloud Pro and Unlimited users to cut out the middle man and distribute their tracks directly to major streaming platforms. As well as letting them to monetize all tracks uploaded to SoundCloud, this will effectively allow for independent artists to maintain all of their distribution royalities and rights over their music.

Users will also pay no distribution fees on all tracks uploaded, giving unsigned producers, artists and groups an upper hand in the over-saturated landscape of digital music.



This update comes just months after Spotify also introduced a feature allowing indpendent artists to upload their music directly to the service, with Chicago rapper Noname's 2018 LP Room 25 being the first album uploaded to the platform without traditional distribution.



Does this mean the end for traditional online distributors and third party services such as Distrokid and Tunecore? Or is it just another ploy for SoundCloud to keep afloat within the highly competitive streaming landscape?


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