Yes Really

UK Student Bertie Ford whilst completing his BSc Product Design degree at Nottingham Trent University has created the first ever loudspeaker made out of a mushroom.

Using mycelium, the subterranean fungal network from which mushrooms grow, Ford has created a speaker that combines sustainability with natural sound dampening properties. As reported by Sound On Sound, the product was created by combining a mix of straw as well as coffee waste into a mould, and letting it sit for around two to three weeks. After that the mould was put into an oven for around six hours, which creates a stronger outer layer of skin whilst removing any moisture.


In an effort to reach a high end market possibility, the speakers were finished in a range of materials including brass and wood. Ford hopes that the project sends an environmental message and advocating for use of more natural materials in the construction of audio equipment as well as furniture. “My hope is that by showing people mycelium’s true potential it will stimulate more green-thinking and open consumers’ minds to other organic materials and sustainability,” said Ford. “Mycelium has the potential to be used beyond audio equipment as it has qualities which may be relevant to other industries; furniture and construction to name but two.”