JANDS | (02) 9582 0909 | | RRP: $349

With this new range of PGA microphones from Shure, there's something to suit just about every application, but this was the model that I was most eager to test out. This budget condenser microphone is going to be a go-to microphone for a lot of musicians, as it delivers quality and clarity with an ease of use that makes it a joy to record vocals again.


Opening the case on the PGA27 unveiled the microphone and its shock mount, all ready to set up. This took no time whatsoever when I discovered how simple the shock mount’s design was. A very clever piece of engineering that still supports the microphone securely and isolatesit well from any unwanted low frequency rumble. The microphone neatly sits within the cradle and is screwed into place for security. I was ready to test this out in a matter of moments. The options were kept simple with the microphone. it’s offers a high pass lter to further reduce any unwanted low frequencies getting in to the mix and a -15dB pad for use on high SPL sources.



As far as condenser microphones go, I don’t like to pigeonhole any into one single use. The PGA27 is one that certainly shouldn’t be kept purely as a
vocal microphone. It does work well for both male and female vocals, but i’s also an ideal microphone for instruments such as brass, percussion and
strings. It will also work nicely with acoustic guitar and, placed about a meter back from a guitar amp, will capture electric guitar quite well too. It may sound a little thin compared to similar microphones, but this can be taken into consideration given that it doesn’t get too muddy and remains usable for multiple takes on the same track. As an all-rounder, this is a handy little microphone to have in your collection for a wide range of uses.

Hits and Misses


Plenty of sizzle in the higher frequencies

Very easy to use shock mount

Handy case for both microphone and shock mount


A little thin sounding for some applications


• Frequency Response: 20hz- 20khz
• Phantom Power: Yes
• Polar Pattern: Cardioid
• Type: Condenser