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Sherlock Adds The GRID 50 To GRID Series Amplifiers

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The release of Sherlock’s GRID 30 was a standout in 2015, building upon the company’s glowing reputation for producing some of Australia’s best-crafted amplifiers.

the growing demand for a gutsier, beefed up model the homegrown manufacturer has introduced the GRID 50.


The 50-watt amp uses two 6l6 or EL34 tubes. The GRID series of amplifiers feature an innovative design that produces a combination of modern and vintage tones. Based on the Vintage Reverb 30’s crisp cleans and the Fat Head’s signature medium to high gain range, the clever GRID series design offers a versatility that will appeal to all genres and guitar playing styles.


The amp features two channels each with their own gain, volume, and 3-band EQ controls. Both can be gain boosted, effectively giving you four unique gain structures ranging from superb cleans, to vintage and modern rhythms, and medium to super high gain lead tones.


For more details, head to sherlockamps.com.