Sennheiser announce anniversary offer for HD 25 headphones

Plus a new limited edition set

Sennheiser's HD 25 headphones are considered as some of the best cans on the market for DJing, monitoring and recreational listening, and the legendary audio company is celebrating them in a big way this month.

To mark their 75th anniversary as a company, Sennheiser will be offering their HD 25 headphones for only $239 AUD instead of their usual RRP at $349 to make for a birthday gift you simply cannot refuse. 


What's more, the company are also creating a bunch of Limited Edition versions of their headphones, with only 25,000 HD 25 Limited Edition units being made available around the world for a bunch of lucky winners. These Limited Edition headphones feature additional yellow earpads (inspired by Sennheiser's HD 414 headphones) and a retro Sennheiser logo on the earcups, making for a special item for collectors and audiophiles alike. They also come packaged in a stylish retro sleeve to act as a throwback to Sennheiser's early days all those years ago.



If you've never had the chance to own a pair of these legendary cans, now is the best time to pull the trigger. Sennheiser's HD 25 headphones helped shaped broadcasting, DJing and in-booth monitoring as we know it today, and their quality is recognised by music lovers and creators all over the world - why not try them out for yourself?



Head to Sennheiser's Australian website to buy your pair and find out more today.