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Every gigging musician reading this will know of the pain of lugging equipment in and out of venues before and after gigs. Especially when a PA system is needed to be brought into a venue, or someone decides to bring their Fender Twin Reverb for a jazz gig in a coffee shop. There is all the going to and from the rehearsals and storage between gigs where all that equipment has to be moved around. No wonder there are plenty of chiropractors out there setting up retirement funds based purely on income from musicians. So, this next product is sure to wipe the pain from the brow of many, as it simplifies the whole process and might just stop the back pain before it sets in.



I think the name says it all with this device. The RocknRoller Multicart is not trying to be anything but just that. It isn’t hip, it isn’t trendy and it isn’t made from rare or expensive tone woods. But, it is going to make your life a lot easier when travelling to and from gigs, especially when you can’t get a carpark within three blocks of the venue and find yourself lugging gear halfway across the suburb. This is really simple, yet very clever at the same time. It’s one solid, heavy duty trolley that can be set up in a number of ways to suit the equipment you are moving. Once you get it set up to begin with, the no-flat tyres take all the weight and you just need to push. These foam filled tyres mean that you needn’t worry about getting a puncture form a broken bottle in the laneway behind the venue as you leave, they will keep performing night in and night out.  




From the boot of the car, the RocknRoller is easy to lift out and set up however you need it. You can extend the wheel base with the side rods opening apart in a telescopic fashion for quad boxes or traps cases. A support arm can be raised at both ends if needed, or lowered at one or both ends, depending on what is going on the cart. It can even be converted into a tall trolley that can be slid under heavy units and wheeled upright on the two larger wheels. Once finished, the RocknRoller folds up into a compact form so it can be transported to where the equipment next needs to be moved. Sure, this is not a glamourous device and many of you will probably not get excited about buying one. But, for everyone that does get their hands on one, you will be eternally grateful and wonder why you waited so long to take the strain off you back.  

Hits and Misses


Folds down to a compact size for easy storage

Sets up quickly and easily

Capable of large weight loads

No-flat tyres mean no issues


Could do with some rubber grips for easier handling


• Length: 71.1cm to 108cm extendable
• Capacity: 226.8kg
• Weight: 10kg