The Revolutionary Mic That All Acoustic Guitarists Will Want

Smallest Of It's Kind

The iSolo wireless mic is an invaluable piece of equipment that’ll allow musicians manoeuvrability whilst capturing sound.

Are you a musician that gets your creative juices flowing by pacing up and down your hallway while you’re trying to record new tracks? We all know that whilst piezo and under-saddle pick up systems are convenient, but they sound no where near as good as a microphone placed near the soundhole of your guitar. Well, what if you could have mobility and high tone quality all in one? Good news, a crowdfunded campaign is set to deliver for you once again.


The iSolo wireless mic, which is said to be the smallest in the world, is a cardioid-like condenser microphone and preamp that mounts on your guitar’s body with a gel-covered sponge (don’t worry, it won’t leave a mark on your precious baby). The super convenient product pairs with a stompbox receiver for playing live, and a USB receiver for recording directly onto your mobile or personal computer.


What’s more, the iSolo wireless mic is omnidirectional, can easily integrate into a pedalboard and offers a volume control, adjustable high-pass filter, iSolo battery indicator and two latency modes.The complete iSolo pack will put you back a pretty affordable $468 AUD, however, if that’ll blow your bank, the mic and recording receiver package is available for $266 AUD.



For more details, visit the iSolo Indiegogo Page