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Vox have been synonymous with more than a few famous guitarists throughout the years. The legacy has continued on, and many still worship the AC30 and its various brethren. Along with their distinctive tones, Vox have always had a refined classic look to boot. Following in the ‘mini’ styling that is seemingly everywhere in the guitar world of late, Vox have released the BC108 speaker cab. Designed as a companion for the MV50 head, it is intended to be small, compact and portable yet still capable of handling a bit of ruckus.

Looking every bit ‘Vox’, the tiny cab approximately 26x20x29cms is covered in a black tolex type material with white piping on the classic Vox black diamond patterned grille cloth. Front loaded, the back panel is removable but also features a handy cut out which acts as a handle, making the BC108 easy to grab and move. Rated at 8 ohms (25 watts), there are two jack speaker connections allowing you to hook up an extra cab too, which will split the load to 4 ohms. This is a nice extra option for those wanting to run a mini stack, and something that is not out of the realms of possibility both price wise and size wise. Rubber feet keep the cab sturdy and non-slip making it a fairly durable all round feel – win.

As an 8”, I think most people’s reaction will be one of surprise due to the volume, headroom and clarity. It’s punchy and tight and seems to handle both clean and dirty tones nicely. The overall EQ doesn’t have any glaring issues and whilst it’s not going to fill Rod Laver Arena, it can hold its own at home, during practice, and in smaller rehearsal and recording situations. Two BC108’s will also add some spread to your sound if that’s your thing. Try setting them up left and right for a stereo kind of vibe, it would be great with delays, chorus and ambient tones. Good for a range of styles, the BC108 is backed up by the fact that you can easily store it in a cupboard, on the shelf or under the desk when not in use, otherwise it’s up for plenty of guitar jamming goodness.


Small, light, easy to use and sounds good – what else do you need from a cab of this size? Well, Vox have also released a 1x12 version of the same cab, which should appease those wanting some extra thump. Yes, the BC108 is intended as a partner for the MV50 but of course you’re free to run it with whatever you like. ‘Mini’ has been all the rage for some time now and the BC108 straddles the line between portable, home fun to even useable for practice, recording and jamming. 

Hits and Misses


Compact & Portable

Sounds great

Good for a range of styles


No complaints here