Reviewed: Voodoo Labs Dingbat Large Pedalboard

EGM Distribution | | RRP: $939

Voodoo Lab have long been major players in the guitar industry. Effects, power supplies, switchers and more are part of the VL stable with items such as the Sparkle Drive, Pedal Power Micro Vibe and Ground Control Pro all instantly recognisable and widely used. In fact, Voodoo Lab’s Pedal Power line of pedal power supplies was one of the first pro level units to really hit widespread usage and it’s still going strong today. Combining a couple of their items, VL have released the Dingbat Pedalboard packages with this particular model coming loaded with a Pedal Power Mondo and housed in a snazzy padded gigbag. Aimed as an all-in-one, ready to go deal, the Dingbat looks the goods, so let’s take a closer look.

Coming in three sizes, the Large is the biggest of the group and measures around 64 x 40 cms. VL suggests the Large will hold 10 to 16 pedals, depending on size, so it should cover quite a few setups, styles and players. Made from aircraft grade aluminium, the board itself is super light but tough. With rounded edges and multiple cut outs, the Dingbat has a slightly different design and aesthetic to its competitors, enabling you to place pedals almost anywhere and utilise either Velcro or cable ties when fixing them to the board.


Another major feature of the Dingbat is the pre-attached Mondo power supply which offers 12 outlets in a variety of AC and DC settings. Essentially you just have to stick on your pedals, plug in the appropriate power adaptors and you’re good to go—it’s as easy as that.


The Dingbat feels solid—really solid. It could easily hold a swagger of pedals combining smaller Boss sizes through to Strymon and the like with the board cut outs making great spaces for running leads whilst still offering plenty of contact space in between for Velcro or dual lock. The Mondo is a beast of power supply and if you’re undecided or unsure of your power requirements, it’s a very impressive starting point as an all-in-one unit.


Gig bags are a great lightweight and portable alternative to a road case and the included straps and handles give you enough options to manoeuvre and handle the Dingbat quite easily. A great unit at any level (amateur through to professionals) with pro level gear that is built to last and flexible enough to accommodate a multitude of options and setups.

Hits and Misses


Power supply being included means you’re ready to go

Lightweight and tough


Some may like a hardcase option