Reviewed: Studiologic Numa Compact 2

Innovative Music | innovativemusic.comau | Expect to Pay: $899

It’s been a while since we were first introduced to the Studiologic Numa Compact, the 88 note keyboard that rewrote the rules on size. Now, the team at Studiologic seem to have gone all out and managed to squeeze even more features into a keyboard that by all rights should be a lot larger than it actually is. You could be forgiven for thinking this may be a toy at first glance, but the Numa Compact 2 is a serious instrument and it takes portability to a new level in 88-note keyboards. Big sound and big features don’t necessarily require a big cabinet, as we are about to find out.

For those of you who haven’t seen one of the Numa Compact models before, it really is quite a sight. All 88 notes are there in full-sized keys, but the actual frame of the unit is not much bigger than the key bed itself, with only a couple of inches of casing above the keys for controls. So it is very slim in looks, but not in features. The new Numa Compact 2 has been totally overhauled from its predecessor with a range of updates that will appeal to an even wider audience. Of course, it is still ridiculously slim and lightweight, weighing only seven kilograms which is unheard of for an 88-note keyboard. You can pick it up under your arm and take it anywhere without a worry. Given that you have a piano style action for the 88 keys along with after touch now included on the new model, there is a lot going on in the mechanics of this keyboard without the size or weight going up.


If you thought that Studiologic couldn’t squeeze anything else into a case of that size or weight, then think again. There is a pair of speakers with two 10 watt amplifiers driving them, so you can play and hear your Numa Compact 2 without the need of a PA system. This is ideal for practice at home, teaching or songwriting sessions where you just want to keep the equipment to minimum. The updated OLED screen is pretty small in keeping with the theme of the unit, yet it offers exceptional clarity so you can easily see all the information offered. Along with the quality sound bank that the Numa Compact 2 features, there are a number of other noteworthy features on offer. The device can be powered by USB from a computer, so you can take it with you and run without mains power if need be, but your speakers will not operate in this mode; a small price to pay, really. For those of you concerned about future-proofing your setup, the Numa Compact 2 has the option for firmware updates whenever they are released from Studiologic. This is a nice touch for a keyboard like this, ensuring you’ll get years of use and will be able to update your keyboard to meet the changes in your studio.

Hits and Misses


Ultra-portable and extremely lightweight

Firmware updatable

Great sounds and built in speakers too


Perhaps too lightweight for some