Innovative Music Australia | | Expect To Pay: $799

Once again RME have gone out and shown us that they are not just purveyors of quality, but absolute innovators too. For those of you who need to regularly record with high track counts, it can be difficult coming up with an interface solution to meet your needs. Often when seeking more than 16 inputs, external preamps are utilised to bump up track counts, but an interface is still required to bring them all together. RME saw the need for keeping everything uniformed, and have presented a logical solution that allows you to bring up to 32 microphone preamps to the party and get them all into your DAW with one device. The Digiface USB is the solution for high track counts with external preamps; it’s just one little box, but can handle a lot.

Many of you may have bumped up your track count by introducing an ADAT microphone preamp input to get another eight microphones into your compact interface in the past. This is the idea behind the Digiface USB, except it doesn’t bother with any of the common attributes of most interfaces; it just offers raw power and the ability to send 32 channels into your machine via the four ADAT connections. You can reduce the total inputs and achieve up to 192 kHz sample rates with this device if you want additional quality over track count, along with using each input for either ADAT or stereo SP/DIF. Like many multi-channel preamps with ADAT outputs, these offer you eight channels of A/D conversion that can be slaved off of the Digiface’s stunning clock and can be brought back to life as the front end to a very powerful DAW recording setup.


As with all RME interfaces, the Digiface USB comes with their TotalMix software to allow you to fully take control of your signal routing once it gets into the box. As a bridging software between your interface and DAW, TotalMix is second to none. It may seem complex at first, but once you understand its architecture, you’ll soon appreciate the program for all that it can bring to your mix. Consider the ability to bring bus mixing and effects to every input channel before it even hits your DAW for greater control of your signals levels and tone. Imagine this control over 32 inputs, with recallable settings for quick setup of big sessions and you’ll understand why the Digiface combined with TotalMix and your choice of preamps and converters makes a very serious audio recording solution. Got a big band or an orchestra that your need to record? The Digiface will help you get the job done fast.

Hits and Misses


Compact and lightweight housing

No external power supply needed

It all runs on USB


Requires external preamps and converters