Reviewed: Morley DJ Ashba Skeleton Wah

Innovative Music | | Expect To Pay: $319

DJ Ashba is perhaps best known for his work with Guns N’ Roses and Sixx:A.M. (alongside ex Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx). A bluesy rock based player, the Skeleton Wah is a common go-to for his solos and fills – and playing guitar based rock and metal there are no doubt plenty of chances to put it on display. Morley has more than a little experience in the world of effects pedals so I’m sure they have extended this know-how into the Ashba Skeleton Wah.

Coming in the standard size Morley enclosure, the Skeleton Wah is white in colour with some Ashba designed graphics and logos adding a little rock and roll vibe. The white casing is actually glow in the dark, meaning it glows a green-ish colour when the lights are dim - handy for those needing a little more pedalboard clarity on stage. Feeling tough, the Wah is in Morley’s typical steel housing with options for both battery and power supply operation. Of course Morley’s switchless optical operation is in play again, allowing seamless changes from unaffected to Wah and back. The LED indicator gives you a visual cue too if you need a further reference.



Whilst taking its visual cues from Ashba, the Skeleton’s tone is essentially a clear sounding Wah with a slightly scooped modern vibe. The action on the Morley switchless pedals really is smooth. It almost feels unrestricted to glide back and forth, and the spring loaded design adds a hint of resistance to feel like you’re digging in a little. Good with both clean and dirty tones, the Skeleton moves nicely from warm and round to a brighter quack. And remember, yes all of the classic rock, funk and blues wah uses for solos, rhythmic work and big dynamic noise are great, but the subtle sounds can also be winners. Slightly opening the Wah for vocal effects or slow sweeps with delay and verb for ambient washes can add flavour without sounding over the top wah-wah. And distortion can react differently with Wah too, creating almost filtered tones perfect for special effects or accenting parts.  


Signature model aside, the Skeleton Wah has a very usable sweep and tone that can quack away for funk, rock, metal, blues and a tonne of other scenarios. The Morley designs seem super tough and well-built, and the switchless operation can help with the ‘Is the Wah on or off?’ dilemma and need to feel that switch click. Pull out your best pentatonic licks and get in the DJ Ashba vibe with the Morley Skeleton Wah.

Hits and Misses


Clear and responsive

Optic and spring loaded makes for quick and easy operation


Glow in the dark and Skeleton looks might be a bit cheesy for some people