Drum Partner/Music Partner | | Expect To Pay: $1099.00

Producing instruments for over fourty years, Crafter have developed a solid reputation in their domestic markets as well as internationally. Offering a large range of acoustic guitars, basses and mandolins, they pride themselves on consistent quality products. Offering a high degree of playability and tone at a nice price, there is a lot to like about the TC035 semi acoustic guitar.

Crafter have designed an orchestra bodied guitar with a Solid Engelmann Spruce top, rosewood neck, back and sides and an Indian rosewood fretboard for the TC035. For some added bling there are mother of pearl inlays on the fretboard and abalone in the binding and soundhole inlay. The body features a full gloss finish whilst the neck has a matte gloss type of feel to it. An LR Baggs pickup comes as standard on the TC035 with their own LR-T iX tuner/preamp controlling things, with EQ controls and a phase switch as well as notch and volume included.


I really like the orchestra size and shape of the TC035. Slightly smaller all round and easy to wrap your arms and body around - but not tiny like a travel guitar. The cutaway adds some access to the higher registers and on the whole the guitar feels balanced and nicely weighted. Playing-wise it’s comfortable sitting or standing, and the neck has a little width to it, but is still easy to ship around as you like. With a pick the TC035 was punchy and clear, great for single note lines or chord playing, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the guitar’s balance and response. Fingerpicking yields similar results with a nice warm and natural tone and a little acoustic zing. The body seems to resonate nicely meaning you don’t have to dig in super hard for sustain and the guitar is quite loud, which often isn’t the case for mid priced instruments.  


Hits and Misses


Great action and intonation


The position of the neck joint strap button on the TC035 was not to my preference but really not an issue