Recreate The Classic Angus Young Tone With The Schaffer Replica Pedal

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The original Schaffer-Vega Diversity System (SVDS) was the first reliably working and beautifully sounding wireless system for musicians or, in general, stage performers.

Little did Ken Schaffer know that when he was inventing the SVDS, he was also creating a circuit that would transform the sound of rock and roll.


Across the world, in Rome, renowned AC/DC aficionado ‘SoloDallas’ Olivieri had been obsessed by Angus Young’s signature tone for more than 30 years. In pursuit of that sound for more than 30 years, Olivieri had bought and duplicated every piece of equipment Angus was known to use. But something was missing...


A lesser known fact about the SVDS is that many users took their units into the studio with them and recorded with it. The Schaffer-Vega system introduced a new twist to a process called ‘companding.’ Legendary AC/DC guitarist Angus Young used the SVDS’ proprietary processing and companding to shape his sound and create his unmistakable signature.


Olivieri - being the mad Young fan that he is - teamed up with Schaffer to recreate the long lost tone of the SVDS by compacting the circuitry into a stompbox form. The news gets even better, Global Vintage are now stocking the Schaffer Replica Pedal, giving Australian fans the chance to recreate the sound of the guitar hero! 


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