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The Radial JX42 is a compact guitar and amp switcher made to handle up to four guitars and two amps simultaneously.

Designed for concert touring, the JX42 begins with four radio-style switches that immediately turn the previous channel off when the new channel is selected. These are complemented with LED’s for visual feedback on dark stages. Inside, the JX42’s 100% discrete class-A buffering circuit ensures that fidelity is maintained. Each input channel also sports a recessed dual-function potentiometer that can be assigned as either a level control to match wireless systems or be set to Drag control for precise load correction when using passive magnetic pickups. There are two main stage amp outputs, with the B-output transformer isolated to eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops. Amp selection occurs via a front panel AB selector or by connecting the optional JR2 remote footswitch. These features make the JX42 a great choice for stages and studios alike.