QSC Australia announce #QSCAtHome competition

With Some Hot Prizes Up For Grabs

Worried that you don't have any reason to release all the music or art you've been working on while stuck indoors? QSC Australia might just coaxed you out of your funk with their new creative competition.

Launching today, #QSCAtHome aims to promote creativity and some much needed cheer in our community, with all entrants going in the running to win a QSC CP8 powered speaker and a swag of merch to boot. If there's ever been a good reason to post your new beat to Instagram or record that gold record riff you've been sitting on for all these years, this is it.


If you're short on inspiration, we reckon this Luther Vandross/Mac Miller mashup from Tom Misch will get the juices flowing - check it out.



To enter, all you need to do is follow QSC Australia on Facebook or Instagram, then post your musical idea with QSC Australia in the tag and add the hashtags #QSCAtHome and #PlayOutLoud. You've got until the start of May to get your entries in, so don't stress about the time here - that's all we've got up our sleeves right now. 


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