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Do you have deep, low baritone riffs and melodies in your heart but the metal-oriented baritones out there just aren’t for you? PRS to the rescue! The PRS SE 277 Semi-Hollow Soapbar is similar in many ways to the solid body, humbucker-loaded version but with some important if not utterly redefining alterations.


This guitar features a chambered mahogany body with a bevelled maple top and a flame maple veneer. In other words, there’s a thick maple top but the flamey bit you see on the surface is a thinner slice. This is a way for luthiers to keep costs down because they can get more slices of thin flamed maple out of a piece to use on multiple guitars, while using more affordable chunks of non-flamey maple for the sonic benefits. 

The neck is maple with a rosewood fretboard, PRS bird inlays, 22 frets, 27.7” scale length, PRS’s Wide Fat neck shape and PRS-designed tuners. The bridge is a PRS-designed plate-style bridge with through-body stringing. The pickups are a pair of PRS SE soapbar single coils. 



In some ways this is the perfect format for a baritone. The soapbar pickups have a little bit of bark and gristle to them, with lots of detail or ‘string zing.’ Both pickups have a really pleasing, musical midrange that helps to give them lots of character. The neck pickup feels particularly responsive to differences in pick attack and dynamics, whether that means picking harder or picking in different areas of the string. In the middle position you’ll notice a slight dip in midrange which brings out a slightly more acoustic-like tone that’s great for ringing chords, while the bridge position can sound twangy and utterly ‘country’, or it can sound much more mean and avant garde. 



This is probably even more of a great all-rounder guitar than the humbucker-loaded version. The tone is deeper and more versatile, and although again you won’t get satisfying death metal tones, you’ll find sounds that are suitable for everything from super-clean surf guitar right on up to Mastodon-style growl. 

Hits and Misses


Longer neck is easy to adapt to

Nice pickups

Great dynamics