PRS Announces European-Exclusive Maple Limited SE Custom 24

Complete With Maple Neck & A Range Of Colours

PRS Europe have unveiled an exclusive limited run of SE Custom 24 guitars - complete with a distinctive pale maple neck and matching fretboard in a diverse range of colours.

Arriving in October and limited to a run of 100 guitars per colour, The SE Custom 24s will be available in either a Tri-Colour Sunburst, Sapphire, Purple Burst, Grey Black, Fire Red Burst or a Vintage Sunburst. The neck is satin-finished and has distinctive black bird inlays, to pair with a pale maple fretboard.


Despite their limited nature, PRS have stated that they won’t raise the regular price with the new run. Each guitar is listed at the same recommended retail price of £849 ($1449 AUD) that the standard SE Custom 24 sells for - with most dealers offering them for a street price of around £799 ($1,363.78 AUD). PRS Europe have released some unique exclusive models in the last few years, the most recent of which was the PRS SE Bernie Marsden limited edition run from last month.



PRS are distributed in Australia through Electric Factory.