Prince's recording engineer shares insight into his relentless work ethic

Find Out How He Made Magic Happen

Susan Rogers, studio recording engineer for Prince during his Purple Rain era, has given some insight on what it was like to work for the man himself in this charming video.

Now an instructor as part of Berklee Online's Master of Music - Music Production course, Rogers fondly recounts the whirlwind round-the-clock hours and relentless schedule of the masterful Prince during arguably one of his most vibrant creative periods. Employed as his Staff Engineer from 1983-1987, she takes a look back at his incredible work ethic, an otherworldly ability to maximise the use of every moment to take his art to levels only he could acheive.



Fans will delight at the look into the creative method that yielded some of Prince's biggest hits, and his seemingly absurd ability to work at all hours of the day and night and yet still never arrive late to rehearsal. There are few people with the same level of dedication to their craft, and it truly requires the hard working and supportive teams behind them to allow them to acheive the incredible things they put their minds to. This video is the first part of a four-part series of fellow Berklee Online instructors who will be looking at similar experiences they've had in their careers.


A memoir delving further into Prince's life is being released later in the year, which we looked at in a previous article here. For further information regarding Berklee Online's Master of Music courses, you can find it on the official site here.