Positive Grid Unveils The World's First Tone Match Distortion Pedal

A New Wave For Guitar Players

Positive Grid has launched the all new BIAS Distortion effects pedal, a first of its kind, tone match pedal that may change the face of guitar stompboxes for good. Allowing you to integrate and download custom tones as well as sharing them with a community, the BIAS Distortion pedal marks a new wave for guitar players alike.

A pedal that has been lingering as a prototype for now some time, the newly unveiled BIAS distortion pedal allows you to tone match any distortion or crunch pedal of your choosing, allowing you to save it on the BIAS pedal and custom fit your sound to your liking. Much like what the Kemper Amp Profiler head does for other amps, the BIAS is the first tone match pedal of its kind, running a compatible PG BIAS pedal desktop/mobile app that allows users to analyse their crunch/distortion pedals sound and alter to their liking.


The pedal is fitted with Bluetooth and USB functions allowing up to 20 stored presets in an A/B bank system. The BIAS pedal itself comes with three types of pre or post distortion boosts, a true bypass switch and a USB or 9V power supply function. The BIAS Atari-style appearance certainly plays into the futuristic feel of the pedal as well as the pedal’s performance and impressive quality.


Watch below to see the BIAS Distortion Pedal.


For more details, head to positivegrid.com.