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Orange Amplification has introduced the OB1 Series of class A/B rack mountable bass amplifier heads with the OB1-300 (pictured) and OB1-500 at NAMM 2015. The OB1 splits the input instrument signal into two separate, totally analogue paths. One side amplifies the clean signal, with all the clarity and responsiveness you would expect from Orange.

The other adds two stages of gain and increased harmonic content to the upper frequencies, controllable via the amp’s Gain knob. These two elements are combined using the amplifier’s footswitchable Blend control which adjusts the mix between clean and dirty. The overall sound can then be fine-tuned using the active three-band EQ. The results are truly inspired – a tight, thunderous low end fused with a brutal but versatile gain circuit that maintains definition even at extreme settings. Depending on where the Gain and Blend controls are set, the possibilities are limitless. Punch in the Blend control to achieve anything from a transparent clean boost, to all-out filthy grind, and everywhere in between. The OB1 is available in both 300 Watt and 500 Watt versions (both 19” 2U), each featuring balanced DI and line level outputs and Orange’s classic ‘Pics Only’ styling.